Have You Met Her Yet?

Have you met Anna Chan from My Momentum yet?

May 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 45
Have You Met Her Yet?
Have you met Anna Chan from My Momentum yet?
Show Notes

Anna Chan is a mom and the Founder & CEO of myMomentum, a gamified wellness app that helps consumers & CPG brands discover each other, one snack box at a time!

She has 20+ years’ experience in business development (partnerships, sales, and marketing) with an emphasis on growth. Often heard suggesting to 'take the road less travelled' and that she did herself travelling more than 40 countries in the past 2 decades and living 6 years in Shanghai.

A big advocate of supporting all things start up, Anna is recently exploring the world of impact investing bringing her passion for supporting fellow female founders & her extensive background in investments full circle.

In this episode we discuss:
Funding as a female founder. and asking for capital
- Juggling being a mom and an entrepreneur
- Why sharing emotions and being vulnerable is important for trust and building credibility and relationships
- The art of letting go and trusting the process and the journey

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Anna Chan, Founder & CEO of myMomentum
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