Have You Met Her Yet?

Have you met Jasmyn Ellis from Lush yet?

June 29, 2022 Season 1 Episode 46
Have You Met Her Yet?
Have you met Jasmyn Ellis from Lush yet?
Show Notes

In this weeks episode, we speak with Jasmyn Ellis who is the  Brand Marketing Lead at Lush Cosmetics North America. 

Jasmyn specializes in hair and body product campaign strategy and has been in the wellness industry for 6+ years. She is passionate about making brands resonate with their target audience through emotional storytelling and creative strategy. More importantly, she is committed to championing  representation and inclusivity in the beauty and wellness space and is always striving to integrate it into her daily life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Challenges, diversity and inclusion the workplace for women of colour
  • Dealing with being silent in the workplace and learning to find your voice
  • Why Lush isn’t on social media and how they are thinking outside of the box with their messaging and showing up in new ways
  • How being a part of the conversation helped to launch black hair care  for Lush in North America 
  • Why she is passionate about branding and how brands have showed up or stayed silent since 2020

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Jasmyn Ellis, Brand Marketing Lead of Lush Cosmetics North America
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