Have You Met Her Yet?

Have you met Nadya Pecherskaya from ICARIA?

December 02, 2020 Season 1 Episode 26
Have You Met Her Yet?
Have you met Nadya Pecherskaya from ICARIA?
Show Notes

In this weeks episode we speak with Nadya Pecherskaya from ICARIA

We discuss:
- What is CBD oil?
- The benefits of CBD oil for women
- How CBD oil differs from other hemp and cannabis products
- Why Nadya is so passionate about educating and inspiring women to put themselves first

Nadya Pecherskaya is a holistic nutritionist and owner/founder of the wellness brand ICARIA (@icaria.co) which promotes self-care and female empowerment. Nadya encourages women to actively put themselves and their well-being as a priority first and foremost with the help of CBD oil. She is also passionate about helping women overcome their stress and anxiety allowing them to experience more fulfilling lives. Nadya was hesitant to try CBD oil at the beginning of her health journey, but was quickly excited to find out about the countless health benefits and effective relief that CBD oil was able to offer. She has now become a passionate educator and advocate for CBD oil as she finds it to be one of the few natural solutions that really works.

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Nadya Pecherskaya, Founder of ICARA
Website: https://icaria.co
Instagram: @icaria.co

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